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Hands-On HR Practice Bootcamp



The only hands-on HR experience you need to advance your HR career and transform your organisation from within.

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What is peopleknd. HR Bootcamp?

This is a CPD accredited intensive 5-week bootcamp followed by a 3 to 6 months 121 mentorship. It is a practical course that aims to equip future and current people professionals with the main HR skills and tools to transform their HR career and organisation while staying legally compliant.

We believe in the power of learning by doing. We use the 70/30 rule in our training - you'll spend 70% of your bootcamp practicing your new HR skills. You'll work with real-life HR scenarios and lead on processes like disciplinary investigations, grievance hearings, interviews, and redundancy meetings.  

Are you ready to gain hands-on HR experience before applying for that new dream job or promotion? Here's your chance!

Join Us. Get CPD credits in the process.

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Bootcamp overview


Module 1: Recruitment and Selection

Module 2: Onboarding and Offboarding employees

Module 3: Disciplinary, Capability, and Grievance procedures

Module 4: Restructuring and Redundancy

Module 5: Contract of employment 101

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Who would benefit from this Bootcamp

This HR Bootcamp is recommended to all those who learn best by doing. Those who see the benefit of practice over theory. Those just stepping into their HR career and would like to gain some HR practical skills to apply in their organisation would greatly benefit from this practical training. It is also a good start for owners of small organisations who are planning to hire their first employees. A helpful refresher for new HR managers. Please note that this programme is based on employment law in England and Wales.

Not sure it is for you?

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Apply Now

15 May - 17 June

Choose what best matches your HR learning needs and style.

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5-week bootcamp and 6 months 121 mentorship

Get 50 hours of certified HR learning and 35 hours of 121 mentorship to boost your HR career.

Your mentor will help you develop your bespoken HR career plan and action plan to guide you in your career.

£6,300 per participant 

Group discounts are available.

5-week bootcamp and 3 months 121 mentorship

Get 50 hours of accredited HR learning and 15 hours of 121 mentorship over 3 months. 

Your mentor will help you develop your bespoken HR career plan and action plan to guide you in your career.

£4,350 per participant

Group discounts are available.

5-week bootcamp

Get 50 hours of accredited HR learning. Spend more than 35 hours practising your newly acquired HR skills.

£2,490 per participant

Group discounts are available.

Video Conference

Price per module

You are not sure if the bootcamp is for you or you only need learning on a specific HR topic?

Join us for one module and try it out.

Choose from the five modules of the bootcamp.

£895 per participant

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Start Today!

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Admissions Process

Future and current people professionals:

To apply send us your latest CV and a personal statement stating how this Bootcamp is going to help you get onto the next level in your HR career. 

If you are shortlisted you will be invited to a short interview. 

We understand that we are all at different points in our people profession journey. To that extent, we believe that you know best if you would benefit from 121 mentorship after the bootcamp or you would prefer to only commit to the 5-week bootcamp or just one module. Whatever you choose, please state in your personal statement.

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Admission Requirements

There is no need to have previous HR work experience. Your trainer and mentor will support you during the whole learning journey. 

Passion for the people profession is required. 

We only work with small cohorts and due to the current pandemic only take on a limited number of cohorts per year. We are aiming to work with students who are passionate about the people profession and would like to use their newly acquired HR skills and knowledge to support small and medium-sized organisations grow and build a new and better chapter for their organisations post-pandemic. 

For questions regarding admissions, reach out today.

Sarah Jo's previous students say ...


Sarah Jo was my trainer on my HR course and she has been supporting me in my HR career ever since. I found Sarah Jo very professional during the course, she is great coach and always able to help, able to identify individual needs quickly. She will provide you with resources and tips if something seems too difficult, but she will make sure you will get there yourself and that makes her exceptional trainer. She was amazing. She is so supportive and helpful. I was able to reach out to her about the course, but also she's been given me advice and guidance about my HR career ever since. I am very happy recommend her.

Dagmara Rej, HR and Recruitment professional


Sarah Jo was my Human Resources lecturer & trainer whilst I was completing my HR course. As a comprehensive fully certified professional, Sarah Jo taught/pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone of learning; with her disciplined encouragements I managed to learn about various area's in Human Resources. Sarah Jo has in depth experience/knowledge of her profession, she always made her learning of the industry accessible to me at anytime. As a HR lecturer/trainer, she allowed her students to have the correct resources that equipped us to pass our course, and also utilise within our career. Sarah Jo is one of my favourite teachers.

Prince Onwuka, HR Coordinator

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Sarah Jo was very engaging and made my learning experience enjoyable. She provided me and the class with real-life HR experiences which made all the difference. She is also a great coach. Sarah Jo pushes you to do better. She’s great at identifying individuals strengths in HR.

Aslin Mariano, Caseworker


Sarah Jo is an extremely professional, motivating, forward-thinking and inspiring lecturer and trainer. While on the course I did with Sarah Jo she ensured that learning was taking place at all times. Using real life scenarios for our role-plays was very helpful. With her years of HR experience I certainly felt reassured that I was heading in the right direction. Sarah Jo ensured that her learners were equipped with the right resources, knowledge and skills to advance their HR career. All this is very helpful now when I am looking to get my first HR job.

Menuka Gurung, Supervisor 

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About Our Founder


Welcome to your next adventure. My name is Sarah Jo and I am the Chief Helper at peopleknd., a dynamic HR consultancy based in London, and bootcamp trainer, mentor and enthusiast.

At peopleknd., we aim to transform people and organisations. We offer expert HR solutions to small and medium sized organisations, mediate disputes at all levels, conduct key HR research, and offer practical CPD certified HR training followed by 121 mentorships. 

I've created the peopleknd. HR Bootcamp to give future and current people professionals something I was looking for when I was an HR student myself 10 years ago and couldn't find.

If you are like me, you like using your knowledge and skills in practice. I remember my academic HR studies with a smile. I really enjoyed my time as an HR student. However, I also remember that I would have liked the opportunity to practice more my skills during the academic programme and get personalised 121 support to implement what I had learnt in the real world, after the course.

The peopleknd. HR Bootcamp aims to offer you a hands-on training experience. It will equip you with key HR practice knowledge and skills, and challenge you to build better HR practices in your own organisation through 3 to 6 months of 121 mentorship. If you don't have your first HR job yet and would like to get that first HR job or apply for a promotion, your mentor will help you use your practical experience gained during the Bootcamp to build a personalised career development plan and action plan to guide you on your journey. 

I've spent many years working professionally in the HR field before bringing my professional experience to the educational field. I have developed an unparalleled curriculum which focuses on practical application of the material followed by months of 121 mentorship. This ensures that students can immediately put their newly-learned skills to use upon completion of the course.

Imagine bringing positive change into your organisation right away!

Research shows that learning is embedded when we create a robust new shelf in our brains where we put the new information. It takes time. It is more often quicker and more sustainable to learn by doing.

I am not going to lie – it is an intensive bootcamp. But once you finish it, you’ll enjoy its benefits.

I hope to see you on this new and exciting journey.

Would you like to know more about me? Meet me here and here.

With gratitude,

Sarah Jo Loveday


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Essential Facts

Do I need to travel to London every Saturday for the duration of the bootcamp?

Yes. This HR Bootcamp is focused on practical HR activities and it is essential to share the same physical space with your trainer and fellow peopleknd. bootcampers. 

Every Wednesday evening you will meet with your trainer online for the live training session. During 3 hours you will familiarise yourself with key theoretical concepts which will be put into practice during the following Saturday. 

If you choose to continue your professional growth with us by committing to 121 mentorship sessions over 3 or 6 months, these sessions can be online, over the phone or email, or in person. You will choose what fits best with your schedule.

What is your cancellation policy?

You are always sad to see any of our students withdraw from your Bootcamp but we understand that professional and personal circumstances can change at short notice. 

If you cancel at least 6 weeks before the Bootcamp starts you will get 100% of the fee you paid.

You could also choose to defer your Bootcamp and join a new cohort when you are ready.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. You can pay in up to 5 instalments. Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more information.

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